As promised, here are some of my favourite fashion picks from last friday at Somerset house. As interesting as the shows obviously are, so much stuff was going on outside! So many different people, styles, trends, photographers, bloggers, models I guess it kind of made more sense to snap the action where the action is? So yeah, here are a couple or recognizable faces and awesome AW13 trends. Tartan, being my personal number 1 trend this season, being rocked perfectly by Arabella from

Such a great mix of styles just in the one day, both formal and casual, colourful or monochrome.

Hats! I bloody love a hat! Who doesn’t? And the bigger the better! Looks great with a splash of colour and statement jacket, shown by these lovely ladies right here!


Did a couple of versions of this outfit post for Motel, this is one, probably not the one that will be used but I may post another one in a week of so. New palm print collection available in a variety of different styles. Skirts, dresses, crops, tees and shirts. Woo!

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Bettie Page photographed by irving Klaw c. 1950s

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